The Need

Our current education building is 54 years old. Not only have we outgrown it , building codes and standards have changed too – with the current building not meeting many of these requirements.

But one of the most obvious concerns is the physical deterioration that is happening right before our eyes. Water damage and mold is evident in many classrooms. And there is a lack of accessibility for those who are mobility impaired. It isn’t easy to get in to or out of the building.

The current building has served us well this past half century, but no longer is it a safe, up-to-date space that lends itself fully to making disciples who “trail Christ.” With a new building, we can continue to grow while serving God, changing lives and making new disciples.

The Solution

Picture of new building

The TRUMC Visioning Team appointed a Masterplan Committee in 2016 to determine the needs of our physical campus. The current plans are to demolish the existing Education Building, move the Chapel to the north in a more prominent location on our campus and build a completely new Education Building in the space between the Sanctuary and the Family Life Center.

The new building will house our educational needs: Sunday School classrooms, meeting rooms, rest rooms, a Children’s Chapel and an Office/Administration area. The new building will also provide an opportunity to offer a limited amount of child care for or community.

How We Get There

TRUMC has a history of coming together to build when there is a need. At this wonderful point in our church's history, as we continue to grow along with the city of Travelers Rest, we have faith and trust that we as a church family will once again come together to fund this next exciting stage in TRUMC's journey of walking with Christ, serving God and changing lives.

To achieve our goal, we need to raise 1.4 million dollars over the next three years. The amount needed may seem challenging, but what might seem impossible to us is possible with God. If you haven't made a pledge to the One-Fund, please consider doing so. If you would like to designate certain funds specifically to the building project, please note that and our office administrator will make that happen.

Consider other ways to contribute -- like donating stocks, property sales or the sale of other valuable items or property. Any gift will be appreciated.


News from the Building Committee:

Members of the committee are Charlie Crenshaw, Jack Hansen, Kathleen Johnson, Grace Lyle, Andrew Reese, Greg Weatherly, and Dave Koss, who is chair of the committee.

The committee has hired Keel Concepts to develop architectural plans and oversee construction. The committee is working with the architect to finalize plans and estimate costs. Discussions are also ongoing with financial institutions concerning financing for the building project. It will be several months before we can give you more specific information, so please be patient. Rest assured, the committee is at work!

Meanwhile, Please pray for this Building Committee as we work together for the glory of God. Thank you!